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Senior Information Service Outreach & Referral

 Our SIS program includes: Information, Advocacy and Support available to seniors and disabled adults with local, state, federal, government and private programs. 


Assistance is provided in our office, over the phone, during home visits by Outreach Workers, or at or workshops held throughout Iroquois County, IL.


Assistance Includes but not Limited too:

  • Answer all questions including qualifications on all available programs

  • Assess participants' needs and make participant referrals

  • Help fill out and file applications and documents required for cost saving programs and services. Including Benefit Access Program for license plate sticker discount. Senior Citizen and Disability Tax Freeze Programs. Medicare Part D and other Pharmaceutical Programs 

  • Advocate on behalf of clients to ensure access to needed services

  • INFORMATION  and who to contact for MEDICARE, MEDICAID, Illinois SNAP program

  • S.H.I.P. Site- Senior Health Insurance Program to provide objective information about health insurance. 

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